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Guys, Taylor Swift Is About To Launch Her Own Social Media Platform

Of course she is.

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In the lead-up to the album's release, Taylor has been chatting with fans on Instagram and Tumblr, going so far as to join in Instagram Lives, and even visited a fan at their house.

Taylor has visited a fans home today in the UK after watching the fans Instagram Livestream! Taylor also gave her s…

But today she's announced something pretty big. Taylor is going to be launching her own app, The Swift Life.

.@taylorswift13's app #TheSwiftLife is coming late 2017! ...ready for it?

We first heard about this app over a year ago, but I assumed it would be a mobile game like Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

But nope, this looks like it's going to be a full-blown social media platform, with "Taymojis", exclusive content, and the chance to chat with other fans and Taylor herself.

Swifties on The Swift Life fighting for Taylor's approval

Swifties are understandably pretty damn excited.

can u believe this woman has literally invested her money and time into creating a whole social media platform so we can connect better

Mainly because it's going to be a platform filled exclusively with fans, where we can talk about her without getting ten replies about how she voted for Trump.

And it's going to bring the Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram fans all together to one place.

If this Swift Life app doesn't allow memes and swearing it's canceled for Twitter stans.

If you go slowly through the launch video, you can see a bunch of "posts" from Taylor.

Some exclusive insights as to what Taylor might post on “The Swift Life” app!

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