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16 Reasons Breakups Are So Much Worse For Lesbian Couples

Better start saving for a U-Haul.

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1. You've lost your hiking buddy.

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2. Even if you've only been together two weeks, there's a high probability you live together, which complicates things further.

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3. And you guys probably have a cat together.

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4. You also probably share a lot of clothes...


5. you'll have to equally divide all your plaid shirts.

6. You'll also have to decide who gets custody of your L Word DVDs.


7. You're going to be really sad for weeks because lesbians are SO EMOTIONAL and have SO MANY LIFE PROBLEMS.


8. Once you've moved on and are ready to date again, good luck finding a girl who hasn't also slept with your ex.


9. Which means you're going to have to leave the house to meet new people which is counter-intuitive because everyone knows that lesbians only want to stay home and work in the garden.

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10. You're going to have to stop hanging out with your straight female friends because everyone knows that single lesbians are predatory of straight girls.


11. Now when you see another lesbian couple in the street, and you smile at them, you're going to look like a loon because you're alone.


12. You only have a window of a few days to hook up with another single girl before she settles down with someone new.

13. And you better start saving up for that U-Haul rental for when you do meet the next one.

14. You have to start making sure you look more butch whenever you leave the house so you can really send out those lesbian vibes.

15. SOMEONE will tell you that now you're single again, it's time to date a boy just to "make sure".


16. On the plus side, at least you can now go have threesomes with all the straight couples you know!