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Who Needs Pinterest, This Costco Wedding Is Seriously Goals

Nothing like hot dogs and sheet cake to celebrate eternal love.

Costco is truly heaven in a store, especially if you love a good bargain. But would you ever get married there?

Well, if you asked that question to Sydney couple Sue and Eli, they'd say, "Mate, we already did".

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Over the weekend the couple tied the knot in the bride's favourite store. "Where else can I get married to the one I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?," she told A Current Affair.

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"The initial idea of the wedding was meant as a bit of joke," she said. "I've got a big family and so does he, and I wondered how we were going to do it. Then I thought I should get married at Costco because I'm there all the time – so it just made sense."

The bride walked down the tyre aisle, while 90 of her closest friends, family, and strangers who were just there doing their weekend shopping looked on.

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And of course, catering came courtesy of the food court, with hot dogs, pizza, and unlimited fountain soft drinks.

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"Where else can you, honestly, serve your guests for under $10?," she told ACA.

This is what dreams are made of.

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