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    Posted on 28 Apr 2014

    35 Things You Know If You Grew Up In New Zealand

    We definitely invented the pavlova.

    1. This is way better than Vegemite.

    2. Kiwis are the true inventors of the pavlova.

    3. These are neither thongs nor flip flops, and you wear them year-round.

    4. The unforgettable smell of this place.

    5. These are part of any balanced diet.

    Cadbury / PepsiCo / Whittaker's / Coca Cola

    6. And these are the best ice cream flavours on the planet.

    7. What the true meaning of a JAFA is.

    8. This is the Kiwi answer to Wal-Mart.

    Where everyone gets a bargain!

    9. When you go overseas, everyone asks you to say "six", "biscuit" and "fish and chips".

    10. Speaking of, NZ's fish & chips are way better than the UK's.

    11. When you get drunk enough, you'll perform this for foreigners.

    12. Bebo was way better than Myspace.

    13. You'll never trust an Australian again after the underarm bowling incident of 1981.

    14. In fact, you never cheer for Australians.

    15. Except on ANZAC day when everyone's mates.

    16. There is at least one baby photo of you naked on a sheepskin.

    17. Foreigners are always making jokes about you and sheep.

    18. And jokes about you being a hobbit.

    19. Though everyone knows at least one person who worked on the films.

    20. Or on Xena.

    21. Cuba Mall has the coolest fountain in the world.

    22. You'll always remember the 5th of November.

    23. These are the worst things to walk this earth.

    24. Tomato sauce goes with everything, and there's only one brand you trust.

    25. New Zealand has the best coffee in the universe.

    26. A dairy sells more than just stuff from cows.

    (And is usually covered in Tip Top advertising.)

    27. This is highly accurate.

    28. As is this.

    29. Morningside for life!

    30. You bring your togs and your chilly bin when you go to your bach.

    31. There's nothing wrong with going to the supermarket barefoot.

    32. Kiwis were the pioneers of women's rights.

    Women voting in Auckland in 1899.

    33. As soon as you saved the cash after finishing school, you headed off on your big OE.

    34. Though you were shocked that no one overseas knows what a flat white or long black is.

    35. You live in the most beautiful place on Earth.

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