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    27 Things You Know If You Grew Up In Newcastle

    Definitely the greatest city in Australia.

    1. Though you spent your teenage years swearing you'd leave one day, you still proudly call Newcastle home.

    2. Newcastle is like your younger sibling. It's OK for you to rag on it, but if anyone else does, they're dead meat.

    Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    3. But you get mad if anyone says you're from the Central Coast.

    4. You've heard legend of the map of the world under the Newcastle Beach rock pool.

    5. Growing up, everyone had their birthdays at Sizzler.

    6. Argyle House will still always be called Fanny's to you.

    7. And you always mourn the loss of Frostbites, home of the alcoholic slushie.

    8. Merewether Surf Club is the place to go for fancy afternoon drinks. But you probably can only afford one.

    9. King Street Maccas is the most frequented place on a Saturday night (after a good drink or 10 at the King Street Hotel).

    10. You've spent at least one Boxing Day at the horse races.

    11. You probably learned to ride a bike on the Foreshore.

    Flickr: suburbanbloke / Via Creative Commons

    12. Though you try to avoid it now because of all the douchebags and their souped-up cars.

    13. You heard all the rumours about the Newcastle Hobo... Was he really a millionaire?

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    Update: His name is Jimmy and he has 14,500 likes on Facebook.

    14. You'll always laugh at the tower that looks like a giant dick. / Via Creative Commons

    15. You're constantly ready to remind people that Silverchair are from Newcastle.

    16. Though you're not so quick to claim Jennifer Hawkins; everyone knows she's from Holmesville anyway. / Via Creative Commons

    17. Though they're one of the worst footy teams, you'll still always go for the Knights.

    18. The 1997 Grand Final will always be the greatest thing that's ever happened.

    19. You're no stranger to national disasters.

    After the 1989 earthquake. / Via Creative Commons

    2007 floods.

    20. And you remember the month of excitement when this happened at Nobby's. / Via Creative Commons

    21. You went to Darby Street before it was cool.

    22. You've been told stories about the sand from Stockton Beach being exported to Waikiki in Hawaii.

    23. Though you told everyone it was inevitable, you were secretly surprised that Lonely Planet voted Newcastle in its top 10 cities.

    24. You spent many a Friday night at the Cambridge Hotel before it was overrun by hipsters.

    25. You remember when 'Westfield Kotara' was plain old Garden City. / Via Creative Commons

    26. There's really no denying that Newcastle has the best beaches on the east coast.

    Flickr: 27932007@N06 / Via Creative Commons

    27. And even if you don't still live there, you always manage to make it back for a visit.

    Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    Because Newcastle really is the greatest city in Australia.

    Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Via Creative Commons