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23 Things You Hear As An Australian Overseas

No, we're actually not all pro surfers with pet kangaroos.

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1. "You must be so good at surfing!"

Hahahahaha no.

2. "Put another shrimp on the barbie!"

New Line Cinema

Firstly, it's prawn not shrimp. Secondly, no.

3. "Do you actually LIKE Vegemite?" /Jemima Skelley

Yes. It is the food of the gods.

4. "I'd love to go there but I can't handle the 24-hour plane ride!"

Please. Sydney to L.A. is only 13 hours.

5. "You all drink Fosters there, don't you?!" / Jemima Skelley

It's actually worse than VB.

6. "Oh yeah, I've heard about the drop bears there." / Jemima Skelley

Yes, they are actually very real. Fear for your life.

7. "Have you ever ridden a kangaroo?"

Well how else would I get to school every morning?

Well how else would I get to school every morning?

8. "But you don't have an Australian accent!"

That's because we don't all talk like Steve Irwin.

9. "Oh, I've always wanted to visit New Zealand!"

Good to hear buddy, but we're not the same thing. / Jemima Skelley

Good to hear buddy, but we're not the same thing.

10. "How can you be Australian if you're not super tanned?"

Contrary to popular belief, we don't all just lie around on the beach every day.

11. "So what language do you speak there?" / Universal Pictures

Sorry, what?

12. Is it really summer there? Because it's winter over here!

Yes. That is how the hemispheres work. Well done.

13. "G'DAY MATE!"

14. "Oh my god, I love Hugh Jackman/Kylie Minogue/Steve Irwin/Nicole Kidman!"

15. "Ugh, it's so hot there, how do you survive?"

We have actually developed super powers to deal with the heat.

16. "You Australians sure know how to drink!"

Sony Pictures

Listen, buddy, I'll have you know that Australia isn't even in the top 20 of countries that consume the most alcohol. I'll drink to that!

17. "You call that a knife?"

18. "Have you got internet there yet?"

Only on Tuesdays.

19. "Everything is so expensive there!"

Fox / Via

I know.

20. "Are your ancestors all convicts?"

NBC / Via

Fun fact: Only 22% of living Australians can trace their ancestry back to English convicts. Boom.

21. "Is it difficult to drive on the opposite side of the road?"

Universal / Via

It is, but as long as we concentrate we're usually OK.

22. "Your country has no culture."

Sorry, what about the past 40,000 years that humans have lived here?

23. "Every animal there is so dangerous!"

National Geographic / Via

Sure, we have deadly snakes, spiders, marine life, and dogs, but we also have these hairballs who sleep for 20 hours a day.