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    Updated on 30 Oct 2018. Posted on 11 Jul 2018

    18 Things You Should Never Do When Travelling To Australia

    Bring more money than you need.

    1. Thinking you can drive around the whole country.


    Guys, Australia is BIG. REALLY BIG. Sometimes people will come here thinking they can just make an easy drive from Sydney to Melbourne for a weekend, not realising it's literally a nine-hour drive. And those are two of the closest major cities. If you want to road-trip around Australia, you better set aside a good chunk of time. And if someone tells you that "it's just in the next town over", it might actually be three hours away.

    2. And not being prepared on road trips.

    Twitter: @grainagain / Via Twitter: @grainagain

    Always, always take extra food and water, just in case. A lot of tourists underestimate just how fucking giant and remote the outback is, so if you're planning on a cross-desert road trip, bring way more provisions than you need. Also make sure you have spare petrol, because sometimes you can drive thousands of kilometres without seeing a shop.

    3. Being scared of everything.


    Yeah, Australia has snakes, spiders, and other animals that could kill you. But as long as you're smart, you'll be fine. No one has died from a snake bite here for forty years, and as long as you're not going around riling them up, they're not going to attack you. Most spiders and snakes are more scared of humans than we are of them.

    4. Only spending a day or two in major cities.

    5. Hitting up only the famous beaches.

    6. Not budgeting properly.

    7. Calling people Aussies.

    New Line Cinema

    I'm mainly talking to Americans here, but hearing you call us Aussies but pronounced like aww-seez is extremely cringe-worthy.

    8. And trying to speak like an Australian.

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    Honestly, we don't want to hear your Steve Irwin impersonation.

    9. Ignoring the small towns.

    10. Or only sticking to the coast.

    11. Underestimating the weather.

    12. Only wanting to try Tim Tams.

    13. Driving at night without thinking about kangaroos.

    Kangaroos can fuck you up. They love jumping out in front of oncoming cars, especially at night and twilight. Unless you're on a walled-in highway or in an urban area, be careful. If you have to drive along country roads, do it slowly.

    14. Not wearing sunscreen every day.


    You might be able to stand outside in Europe for an hour without sunscreen no problem, but in Australia you'll be burning within 15 minutes. Even on a cloudy day. We've got a hole in our ozone layer, which makes the sun super strong. And a tip: If you're going snorkelling or swimming, be sure to sunscreen the backs of your knees.

    15. Feeding seagulls.

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    Maybe this is the same all around the world, but seagulls are greedy little fuckers. If you throw them one chip, you'll suddenly find yourself surrounded by an army. Just don't feed them in the first place.

    16. Swimming wherever you want.

    Alizadastudios / Getty Images

    There are two reasons why you need to be careful about where you swim: waves and crocs. If you aren't a strong swimmer, please avoid swimming at any beaches, even if they're patrolled. And even if you are confident in the waves, you have to be super careful of rips and currents. Always swim between the flags, and if there are none, stay out of the water unless you know how to spot a rip.

    And if you choose to swim in Queensland, NT, or WA, you need to be super careful about crocodiles. Some places are fine, but some are croc hotbeds that need to be avoided. Keep an eye out for signs, and if in doubt, ask a local.

    17. Not chatting with locals.

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    First of all, most of the people you'll meet are super friendly. Secondly, they'll have the knowledge you need to make the most of your trip. Thirdly, always listen to them. If they tell you not to drive down a certain road, hike along a certain path, or swim in a certain watering hole, follow their advice. They know best how to avoid potentially dangerous situations in that area.

    18. And not researching where to eat.

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