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    These Stylish Sisters Will Make You Unbelievably Jealous

    Melbourne bloggers How Two Live will give you massive wardrobe envy.

    Jess and Stef Dadon are two fashionable sisters from Melbourne who run a hugely successful lifestyle blog.

    They have more than 100,000 Instagram followers.

    Their blog takes them all over the world.

    The girls are known for attending fashion events in almost matching outfits.

    Where they get to meet awesome people like Rachel Zoe.

    And Ruby Rose.

    They have an amazing wardrobe filled with pieces by Aussie designers.

    And their Instagram account seems to be designed to make you super jealous of them.

    Jess and Stef started their blog in 2012 as a way of keeping in touch while Stef was studying in Paris.

    But had no idea that their blog would become so popular.

    Though they look like twins, they're actually four years apart.

    They're both self-confessed shopping addicts, though usually stick to smaller brands, as "high-end brands are so expensive".

    And they appear to have the world's largest collection of wacky sunglasses.

    I mean...

    Look at them all...

    They could probably wear these for skiing.

    They have awesome iPhone cases as well.

    Admit it, you want their lives.

    Or even just their wardrobes.

    Seriously, look at their clothes.


    I want to go to there.

    Ugh. Just stop.

    Check out their blog here.

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