These Abandoned Buildings Will Give You The Heebie Jeebies

Sure, they’re beautiful, but in a very creepy and haunted way.

1. Nate Robert is a travelling photojournalist and urban explorer from Perth in Western Australia.

South Fremantle Power Station

2. He finds a way into abandoned buildings in his hometown and documents the city’s urban decay.

South Fremantle Power Station

3. Some buildings have stayed in remarkably good shape.

Claremont Mental Hospital

4. While some have been overrun by graffiti.

South Freemantle Power Station

Claremont Mental Hospital

Kanga Wooden Toy Factory

7. This TAFE campus, abandoned for years, still has a fully equipped kitchen.

8. This office seems to have been unoccupied since 1993.


Old Treasury Building

9. While this hospital looks like it could have been in use yesterday.

Mt Lawley Nursing Home

10. Nate says he feels a sense of nostalgia in buildings that have previously been occupied or lived in.

Mt Lawley Nursing Home

11. With each visit to a building, he risks being caught by security and fined for trespassing.

Abandoned mechanic workshop.

12. He also risks running into a ghost, as most of these places are rumoured to be haunted.

Sail Factory

13. This abandoned warehouse is now a junky den.

14. Most of the buildings have squatters and are covered in bright graffiti.

15. But the buildings always seem creepier when shot in black in white.

Swanbourne mental hospital

You can follow Nate Robert on Twitter, or see his blog here.

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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