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The Veronicas Called Out Tony Abbott At A Marriage Equality Rally

"Who you love is none of the government's goddamn business."

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Australian band The Veronicas took the stage at this weekend's Marriage Equality rally in Brisbane to deliver an impassioned speech.

LOOK: @TheVeronicas addressing thousands at Brisbane #marriageequality rally. #auspol

Jessica (L) and Lisa (R) spoke of a need for immediate change in regards to marriage equality.

"Now is the time for us to get loud! Now is the time for us to kick and scream for human rights! We are here for love, pure and simple. Who you love is none of the government's goddamn business!" said Lisa.

They addressed Prime Minister Tony Abbott: "the conversation of marriage equality is no longer a question of if, it is now a question of when."

"Mr Abbott, you have missed the opportunity to be a revolutionary leader on this issue, so it's now time to align with the growing number of governments who have paved the way for us and not align with governments who are restricting human rights and social progression for its people and country."

"Tradition founded upon laws of discrimination and prejudice do not deserve sanctity in the name of history," Jessica said.

Powerful day at the Marriage Equality rally in Brisbane. Thank you to everyone who stood up & spoke out today 💜💛💚💙❤️

"When a cross-party marriage equality bill reaches your hands this week, we ask that you grant your party a conscience vote. The legal and constitutional framework that governs Australia must treat people equally."