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24 Times Harry Potter Was The Worst Character Ever

He actually killed Sirius Black.

It's probably safe to say that everyone knows who Harry Potter is.

But not many people have woken up to the fact that he's actually a huge douchebag.

It's undeniable, really.

1. First off, he's rude.

2. And he thinks he's better than everyone else just because he's the ~chosen one~.

3. He is the biggest third wheel in the history of fiction.

4. Like, come on, dude, let them have their weird awkward romance.

5. Let's not forget that his father was a bit of an asshole as well.

6. He really doesn't care about other people's feelings. Remember when he spent all that money on candy in front of Ron like it was nothing?

7. Harry thinks he's above listening to authority because his parents are dead and no one can tell him what to do.

8. He actually never listens to what anyone tells him.

9. Seriously, he breaks pretty much every rule that exists at Hogwarts.

10. And constantly puts himself in danger despite EVERYONE sacrificing their safety for him.

11. Harry banged his BEST FRIEND'S sister. That is 100% against the bro code.

12. AND he tried to mack on with a girl whose boyfriend just died.

13. Plus he's the worst kisser ever.

14. He has a blatant disregard for his friends' feelings.

15. He's such an angry little boy.

16. Even when everyone was being nice to him he was angry.

17. Like, the whole of Order of the Phoenix is just Harry being an angsty, angsty teenager.

18. He literally never thinks before he does anything.

19. And he loves to whinge and feel sorry for himself.

20. Harry Potter was certainly responsible for Sirius' death.

21. Actually, he's so self-obsessed that he conveniently forgot that someone he cared about was POSSESSED BY VOLDEMORT.

22. He seriously only got as far as he did with a lot of luck and a lot of help.

23. REMEMBER THAT TIME HE STOLE A LOLLIPOP FROM NEVILLE? Poor Neville who never did anything mean to anyone.

24. And he clearly doesn't care about his kids, considering the names he gave them.

So there you have it. Harry Potter: The Dickhead Who Lived.