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The Definitive Ranking Of Female Doctors On "Grey's Anatomy"

But why did none of the ladies ever get a McName?

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19. Erica Hahn

Though we can certainly thank Hahn for helping Callie along the road to her lesbian awakening, she really didn't add much to the show except for giving us someone to hate. Considering she came into Grey's as the doctor who stopped Denny from getting his heart, we were never going to truly accept her at Seattle Grace.

18. Reed Adamson

To be honest, after Reed came along with the hospital merger, she was hardly a memorable character. She piqued our interest a little bit when she was shot dead, but then we all forgot about her death within a few minutes.

17. Sydney Heron

Though Sydney didn't grace us with her presence for long, the general consensus seems to be that she's super annoying. Sure, she had that one deep moment with Izzy about Denny's death, but overall, her character was just a blur in a sea of hospital scrubs.


16. Maggie Pierce

Ugh, Maggie Pierce. Ever since she showed up, she's been trying to become Meredith's new person, and NO MAGGIE, THAT'S CRISTINA'S JOB! Who knows, as the show evolves, her character probably will too, but for now she's staying at this end of the list.

15. Leah Murphy

She could have been higher on this list, except for the fact she slept with Arizona and ruined everything. Again, Leah is sort of a background character, and apart from her numerous affairs with characters who are actually important (eg. Arizona and Alex), she's not that memorable or important.

13. Amelia Shepherd

If you never watched Private Practice, Amelia is still a fairly new character. Like Maggie, she has potential to grow, but she's still in the stages of winning us over. It certainly helps that she has such a bad-ass attitude and stunning blue eyes. Amelia > Derek.


12. Meredith Grey

Meredith. Oh, Meredith. Why do you have to be so whiney. We've listened to you complain for eleven seasons. For the first few episodes, it was endearing and we could look past it and see how beautiful you are. But it's getting seriously old.

11. April Kepner

April is a super-cute farm girl who's made it big in Seattle. No matter how many great storylines she has, she'll always be adorable little April. She's done pretty well in overcoming how unlikeable she was when she first was introduced, but that's probably only because of her charming smile and take-no-prisoners attitude.

10. Stephanie Edwards

Our hearts broke for poor Stephanie when her BF Jackson eloped with April. She's such an awesome lady and she looks super fierce when she gets out of her scrubs into a ball gown. She's a great example of an independent woman kicking goals on her way to a hugely successful medical career.

9. Lucy Fields

Lucy caught our eyes straight away when she showed up as the super-hot OB/GYN attending who ended up banging Alex Karev. She totally handled the whole weird Callie/Arizona/Mark pregnancy situation, though, let's face it, she was no Addison Shepherd. Though everyone claimed that her stealing Alex's job was a bit of a dick move, who even cares? Girl power.


8. Jo Wilson

She's only been gracing our screens for a few seasons, but Jo has certainly made an impact. She's got a great backstory of overcoming homelessness to become a successful doctor. She's also got a stunning smile and looks amazing in a Tinkerbell costume.

7. Teddy Altman

COME BACK TEDDY! Real talk, Teddy was an awesome doctor and all round great lady to have on the show. If you disregard the weird thing she had going on with Owen, she really did nothing wrong (except marry a patient to give him health insurance). One thing is undeniable though, and that is how attractive she was. We miss you, Teddy :(

6. Arizona Robbins

Arizona is a straight up babe who brings light to absolutely every scene she's in. She's been through so much, from her brother's death, to losing her leg, and coming to terms with Callie's pregnancy. This does nothing to diminish her positive attitude and her smile which actually, really sparkles.

5. Isobel Stevens

Izzy has probably the biggest and toothiest smile EVER. That, combined with her sassy attitude and perfect blonde hair is what makes her one of the most charismatic doctors at Seattle Grace. Too bad she got cancer and turned into a huge asshat.


4. Lexie Grey

It's really impossible not to think about Lexie without tearing up. Up until her death, she had come a long way from the shy intern who was secretly in love with George in season four. She's proven that she's totally bangin' both with blonde and brown hair, and that scene where she took off all her clothes for Mark was just brilliant.

3. Cristina Yang

Cristina surely has to be the most missed character in the whole series. Up until her departure last season, she was a consistent badass bitch, taking no crap from anyone and winning hearts all over the place. Though she's usually in her scrubs, we've seen how sexy she looks in a tight dress, and though she knows she's a babe, she doesn't flaunt her shit at all.

2. Callie Torres

Callie is smokin' hot. We've known this ever since we saw her dancing around the hospital basement in her underwear back in season two, and she's only gotten hotter since then. She's certainly had a rocky road to get to where she is now, but hot damn she is stunning.

1. Addison Montgomery

Addison is the actual sexiest character EVER ON TELEVISION, let alone on Grey's Anatomy. She's the only doctor who bothers to wear business clothes and stilettos under her lab coat and always looks like perfection. Ever since she turned up in that fluffy coat and rocked our worlds, we've been craving more Addison screen time. So hot, she should have her own spin off show. Oh, wait... she did.