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32 Times Sydney Needed To Explain Itself

Nine dollars for a muffin? Fuck right off.

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1. When this Newtown cafe started serving ~puppychinos~.

2. When this chemist knew exactly what they were about.

3. When someone ordered a chocolate milkshake and this shit showed up.

4. When this lady let her kid get in touch with nature.

5. When $50 worth of room service from the Park Hyatt looked like this.

6. When this was the asking price for a cold rissole sandwich.

7. And some crushed tomatoes cost $10.50.

8. When someone left this in a toilet.

9. And when someone left a whole chicken in the Opal machine???

10. When this person's carpark had a better view than you could ever dream of having.

11. When someone decided this was an appropriate name for a clothing shop.

12. When these muffins were NINE FUCKING DOLLARS.

13. And when two MOVIE TICKETS cost nearly $100.

14. Don't even get me started on this fucking toastie.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

15. When this brothel had a few issues with their neighbours.

16. When whoever designed this Darling Harbour building added light switches that could be accessed by the public.

17. When this happened at Blackheath in the middle of spring.

18. Or when Newtown looked like this in April.

19. When a corner store in Annandale had to put up this sign.

20. And when signs like these were necessary.

21. When this restaurant introduced a new special.

22. When someone brought their poodle to the gym in Dee Why.

23. When so many people rocked up to an auction that a mobile coffee cart monopolised on it.

24. When even this wedding party couldn't resist the lure of Messina.

25. When someone ordered a dip plate and this shit showed up.

26. When a bottle shop was given this choice name.

27. And when someone ordered a $59 steak and got this bullshit.

28. When someone decided this was a good idea.

Ray White / Via

29. When this was considered an acceptable rate for parking.

30. And when it would be easier to just get a ticket than try to decipher all these signs.

31. When police suddenly started driving Porsches.

32. When this guy took his pet pig for a walk.