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    Bosses Should Never Be Able To Text Their Employees And Here Are 25 Toxic-Ass Messages That Prove It

    Please, someone call HR.

    Some bosses are great. And some...are truly terrible.

    While most of us only have to interact with our bosses during work hours (as it should be!), some bosses out there think it's ok to be texting their employees at all hours of the day.

    Here are some of the scummiest and ickiest text messages ever sent by bosses that'll make you never want to participate in capitalism again:

    1. This boss' response to a positive COVID test:

    A text exchange in which a boss says that employees don't get sick leave for COVID

    2. This boss who has zero compassion:

    A text exchange where an employee tells their boss that their son is on life support so they can't work - the boss says they're fired if they don't come into work

    3. This response from a boss after an employee asked for a raise:

    A screenshot of a message from a boss telling someone that they're being terminated ASAP

    4. The boss who went on the attack in a group thread that every other employee could read:

    A string of abusive message from a boss in a WhatsApp thread group

    5. This boss who conveyed just how much of a dick they are with just three words:

    A screenshot of an employee saying they can't come in for work because their father in law passed away. There's no response, the following day they send another message following up and just get 'Yes I'm aware' in reply

    6. This boss who doesn't understand the concept of "no work on the weekends":

    A screenshot of a boss kicking up a stink when an employee refused to reply to messages on the weekend

    7. This boss who reckons it's okay to text people after they've been let go:

    8. This boss who decided that workers should only be paid four hours of a six-hour trial shift:

    A boss refusing to pay their employee for the full 6 hours worked because they were on a trial. When the employee fights it, the boss replies 'fuck off'

    9. This boss who literally suspended a worker for sharing a meme:

    10. This boss who was like, "Hmm maybe move the appointment for your dying dog so it suits me":

    Screenshots of an employee saying they can't come into work because their dog is being put down - the boss asks if they can move the procedure to a day that doesn't interfere with work

    11. This boss who was scandalized to hear a worker actually wanted to be paid for their time:

    A text exchange showing a boss rescinding a job offer when an employee asks about pay cycles
    A text exchange showing a boss rescinding a job offer when an employee asks about pay cycles

    12. This boss who told a worker they were being a victim for wanting a day off after their dad's death:

    A worker asks their boss for time off after their dad died. The boss replies 'my uncle died a few days ago, stop being a victim'

    13. This boss who couldn't fathom that some of us have a life outside work:

    14. This job who was like "I do not care if your foot is broken you MUST STAND ON IT":

    15. This boss who fired an employee for bringing up questionable food safety standards:

    A boss firing an employee after they brought up an issue of the restaurant using expired food

    16. This boss with very high standards about taking time off work:

    17. This boss who needs their employees contactable at all hours:

    18. And this boss who expects employees to work at midnight:

    19. This boss who was like "just have a cup of coffee and pray you don't get pulled over lol":

    A boss calling someone into work on their day off - the employee says they can't because they're a two hour drive away and have been drinking. The boss says 'sober up and get here'

    20. This boss who sent this message 20 minutes before the employee's shift was meant to start:

    A boss texting an employee that their shift has been cut

    21. And this one, who thought 5am was an alright time to send a "can you come in in three hours?" text:

    A screenshot at 5am of a text message asking someone to come in and work at 8am

    22. This boss who can't believe their workers have the audacity to not want to work overtime during a global pandemic:

    23. This boss who came craaaaaawling back:

    24. The boss who sent this to a worker when they were ONE minute late:

    A text screenshot, sent at 8.31am, saying 'coming to work? you are now late'

    25. This boss who seems to think that PTO is a privilege, not a right:

    A boss' text message saying that an employee's PTO has been denied over thanksgiving, even though the request was submitted four months ago

    In summary:

    Lisa Simpson standing in front of a sign that reads 'you should get a bonus every time your boss texts you'