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Taylor Swift Held A Free Concert And Pizza Party For Foster Kids And Families

Her tour starts in two days, and I'm not ok.

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Taylor Swift's Reputation World Tour is two days away from kicking off in Arizona.

Taylor has been showing fans behind-the-scenes footage and photos from her rehearsals in the lead-up to opening night. It looks like it's going to be INCREDIBLE and I, for one, am losing my shit.

Over the weekend Taylor had a full dress rehearsal, but instead of performing to an empty stadium, she invited along a crowd of foster children and parents to enjoy the show.

Instagram: @abbimolly

More than 2000 were given free tickets, and for a lot of the kids it was their first-ever concert. After the show, Taylor had a pizza party and did a meet and greet with everyone. 😭❤️

Yep, thats right. After performing a full two-hour concert, our girl still had the time and energy to hang out with all the families to make sure they all got a chance to meet her.

Thanx 2 @taylorswift + crew for a sneak peak of a #reputationstadiumtour It’s going to be incredible! U didn’t need to visit the hospital, to give anybody free tickets that night, to feed us pizza, and to stay 3 hours later just to take pics with everyone....but you did! 💛💛

“She bought pizza and cookies and brownies for the kids, and candy,” one of the mums in attendance said on her Instagram stories. “It was amazing. They’ll never forget that. First concert and a pizza party with Taylor Swift.”

Just reading the Instagram captions and tweets from parents show how much the show meant to the kids who went.

Instagram: @kellidillon

“She performed her entire set for everybody. Her kindness and generosity is so genuine,” Kelli Dillon posted on Instagram. “Officially, one of my favorite human beings on the planet.”


AND, if she wasn't busy enough, Taylor also recently dropped by the hospital to visit a young fan whose burn injuries will prevent her from going to the concert.

JD McCune/Zachary McCune / Via People

Eight-year-old Isabella was injured in a fire-pit explosion a month ago, and is constantly listening to Taylor's music while in the hospital. So of course, Taylor dropped by to say hello and gift her some merch.

"[Taylor] said she had to meet her because she was so inspired by her story, and honoured that her music helped her," Isabella's mum, Lilly, told People.

“When she was leaving, my daughter asked for a hug and Taylor turned around and said, ‘Absolutely – I didn’t want to hurt you,'” said Lilly. “They hugged and it was so heartfelt. I knew it meant a lot to Isabella.”