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Taylor Swift Is Now A Genre Of Music — Here Are 25 Songs That Fit It Perfectly

Because let's face it — she's her own genre.

At this point, Taylor Swift is her own damn music genre.

'taylor swift' has really become a genre of music at this point

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New artists just releasing their debut songs have grown up listening to Taylor, being inspired by her songwriting and general approach to making music. Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, Lennon Stella, and Maisie Peters are all creating songs that very much come from the Taylor Swift School Of Songwriting.

We love to see it! Here are 25 songs that I guarantee everyone who likes Taylor Swift will love, even just a little. And here's a Spotify playlist, if that's your thing.


1. "Remember That Night?" — Sara Kays

2. "Golf on TV" – Lennon Stella

3. "Keep on Dancing" – Oh Wonder

4. "In My Head" – Maisie Peters

5. "What I Felt With You" – Emma Blackery

6. "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back" – Olivia Rodrigo

7. "One More Weekend" – Maude Latour

8. "Crosslegged in the Kitchen" – Kathryn Gallagher

9. "I Miss You, I'm Sorry" – Gracie Abrams

10. "Falling Asleep at the Wheel" – Holly Humberstone

11. "Grieving" – Liz Bissonette

12. "Sad Girl Heaven" – Elle Winter

13. "Thoughts" – Sasha Sloan

14. "Empty" – Olivia O'Brien

15. "Girl in a Bar" – Anna Vaus

16. "STFU and Hold Me" – Liz Huett

17. "Till Forever Falls Apart" – Ashe and Finneas

18. "Roses" – Kelsea Ballerini

19. "Slow Dancing" – Aly and AJ

20. "Billionaire" – Delta Goodrem

21. "Call off Your Ghost" – Dessa

22. "Rollercoaster" – Bleachers

23. "Soft to Be Strong" – Marina

24. "More Hearts Than Mine" – Ingrid Andress

25. "Heather" – Conan Gray