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    Taylor Swift Brought Hayley Kiyoko Out On Stage And TwentyGayteen Is Thriving

    I'm just curious, is anyone else as dead as I am rn?

    Taylor Swift's Reputation World Tour is currently in full swing and it's probably the greatest thing that's ever existed.

    Just like at her last tours, Taylor has been bringing guests out on stage to perform songs with her.

    Well, at tonight's show in Foxborough, MA, Taylor brought Hayley Kiyoko (aka Lesbian Jesus) out on stage. Thank god my friend was there and messaged me literally the second she came on, spoilers be damned.

    hayley kiyoko and taylor swift singing curious to 60k people is everything i need in life

    I haven't actually watched that video, I'm staying strong. But I can only assume it's musical perfection.

    If you're asking who tf Hayley Kiyoko is, then you're probably not a lesbian. That's fine, I'll forgive you.

    Taylor brought her out by saying Hayley is "someone whose music I am absolutely obsessed with".

    Taylor Swift surprises the crowd by bringing out Hayley Kiyoko at Gillette Stadium tonight

    "I think she is one of the most exciting new artists out there, and she's here with us tonight. I'm really serious about this, it's her first time in a stadium, are you ready to be the loudest stadium she's ever experienced? All right, I believe in you Foxborough, and I'm very, very honoured to say that Hayley Kiyoko is here tonight!"

    (Lmao thanks to my friend who watched the video and transcribed it for me. #nospoilers.)

    I've been praying for this moment for a while, and it seems like so has the rest of lesbian Twitter.

    Ya sex is cool, but have you ever cried on the floor for an hour straight because Taylor Swift sang Curious with Hayley Kiyoko

    where are the close ups of taylor swift and hayley kiyoko

    Locals aren't worthy.

    Straights at Gillette when taylor brought Hayley Kiyoko out as a surprise guest

    The girls in front of me were googling Hayley Kiyoko while I was screaming and jumping and singing my heart out

    And lemme just say, I spoke this into existence a while ago.

    taylor swift bring out hayley kiyoko on tour for a duet challenge

    Shall we just rename this the Repugaytion tour?

    Taylor sang 'Curious' with Hayley Kiyoko as a special guest tonight! #repTourFoxborough Cr: owner