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    Uh, Taylor Swift Fans Are Incredible Detectives And I Am Shook

    Who needs the CIA when you have Taylor Swift fans?

    I think it's fair to say that Taylor Swift fans are... passionate.

    Swifties: "Taylor better give us a clue for TS6 IMMEDIATELY I CAN'T WAIT." Taylor: *Posts a muted and dark video*…

    When her social media pages went dark over the weekend, fans went wild coming up with theories about her new album. One of them was that it would have something to do with the solar eclipse.

    @alltookayla I think when we put the glasses on and look at the eclipse tomorrow it's actually Taylors face in the…

    And lo and behold, just as the eclipse was about to get underway in the US, Taylor tweeted and Instagrammed this mysterious video.

    It looks like some kind of snake/dragon thing? Who knows????? Imagine being THIS EXTRA, what a goddamn queen.

    Some fans think that she'll drop at least two more videos to make up the full body of the snake/dragon/creature.

    I'm of the opinion that there's at least two more videos coming at some point to makeup the whole snake…

    Also, at one point her website changed from black, to white, to black again. Almost like... AN ECLIPSE.

    Some would say it is changing between black and white, almost representative of an eclipse... #SolarEclipse2017

    Taylor fans have been collecting even more evidence, despite the fact all we have is a 10 second video of... something.

    Fans quickly found a "2" and a "5" hidden in the snake's skin, leading them to believe that new music will be dropped this Friday, August 25th.

    On closer inspection of the clip it appears there could be a '2' and a '5' on the tail. Indicating a lead single co…

    Honestly, we've been thinking that this would be a significant date for a while, as it lines up with her history of late August single releases. But here's confirmation!

    Then Tumblr users wildestgiraffe and shiftyswiift turned their focus to Taylor's Vevo YouTube account. It lists 77 videos, but only 73 are visible.

    Also, her official page has one fewer viewable video than what's listed. These hidden videos HAVE to be new music videos, right?!

    And while some casual observers seem to think the creature in the video is a snake, a lot of people are thinking that it could actually be a dragon. As Twitter user @marleyharper pointed out, it's like the dragon on this dress that Taylor wore to the Brit awards in 2015.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    That award ceremony was where Taylor and her ex Calvin Harris really connected for the first time. And it's highly likely we'll get at least one Tayvin song on TS6. 👀

    For those following the snake theory: Did you know that during an eclipse, there is a light phenomenon called "shadow snakes"?

    Wow, just like that SNAKE in the video which was in SHADOW.

    Aaaand Taylor was born in the Chinese year of the Snake.

    There are also theories floating around that her first single will be called "Timeless". This stems from a song named "Timeless" being "registered" under her name on a music publishing site.

    Twitter: @slaylorstan

    However, this kind of stuff pops up all the time and is almost certainly fake, or at least not worth getting to excited over yet. The website has also launched, with a title saying "coming soon", but this is also not at all verified. It was registered in 2005, according to a commenter on ONTD.

    Anyway, I'll just be sitting here all day overanalysing literally everything I find on the internet!


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