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    27 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Tasmania

    The apple of my isle.

    1. Take a soak in the world's most scenic bathtub.

    2. Visit lavender fields.

    3. Fly over Wineglass Bay.

    4. Stay in the world's best boutique hotel.

    5. Go to a tulip festival.

    6. Do a six-day trek up Cradle Mountain, staying in private huts along the way.

    7. Rock climb "The Totem Pole".

    8. Get lost in an IRL hedge maze.

    9. Go berry picking.

    10. Eat raspberry-flavoured everything at a raspberry farm.

    11. Visit a town called Penguin.

    12. Go penguin-spotting.

    13. Visit a Swiss village.

    14. See the Aurora Australis.

    15. Go on a ghost tour of Port Arthur.

    16. Visit an "Unzoo".

    17. Walk above the treetops.

    18. Take a giant slide from the canopy down to the forest floor.

    19. Zipline through the forest.

    20. Explore convict history.

    21. Laugh at funny house names.

    22. Hang out at the edge of the world.

    23. Go to a seahorse farm.

    24. Spend the day with platypuses and echidnas.

    25. Climb the neck of Bruny Island.

    26. Go whisky tasting in the Derwent Valley.

    27. Enjoy the quiet on car-free Maria Island.

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