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    People Are Loving This Helpful Boyfriend's Request For Bigger Tanning Mitts

    Seeking justice for all the boyfriends out there with orange thumbs.

    This is Matt Edwards and his fiancée Sheridan. Over the weekend, the two of them attended a wedding in Sydney.

    He posted this photo to Facebook to make sure that the tanning company, Bondi Sands, was aware of his struggles.

    The full post reads:

    "Dear Bondi sands,

    My fiancé, much like many other women out there enjoy your tanning products and she has no complaint whatsoever. But I do...

    I, and what I could assume that many other men out there, must assist our lovely partners in their tanning procedure and this includes applying your tanning foam to places they are unable to reach.

    My only and one complaint is that your application mitt is not suitable for my hands. I am, what could be assumed as average size, and can only think that this mitt does not fit many other mans hands out there.

    I am sure, much of my displeasure, that my gorgeous fiancé will continue to use your lovely products regardless of my issue.

    But please, in future make the mitt bigger or include an extra mitt for those men out there that must assist the women they love.

    Thank you for your time."

    Matt told BuzzFeed: "I never thought that it would take off so much. I have had the conversation with a few of my mates who have the same dilemma."

    Bondi Sands

    "I help [Sheridan] with her tan once every couple of weeks," he said. "The mitt has always bugged me slightly due to its size."

    Turns out, a lot of guys have encountered the same problem.

    And some were even leaving tips for Matt in the comments.

    Here's to all the helpful boyfriends out there with orange tan hands.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Bondi Sands for comment.