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    21 Sushi Dishes Which Will Haunt Your Nightmares

    God has abandoned us.

    1. This Cheese Single laid on a bed of rice, with a squiggle of mayo.

    Reddit: purplehaze777777 / Via

    2. These "sushi" "smores".

    Instagram: @saccharinetreats / Via

    3. This sushi burger, which no one ever really asked for.

    Instagram: @allysoneatz / Via

    4. These overloaded sushi tacos.

    Instagram: moeisallover / Via

    5. And this one, which isn't quite so well executed.

    Reddit: Matingas / Via

    6. This slice of "pizza" which surely can't even taste good.

    Reddit: AdvancingTitan / Via

    7. And this sushi on an actual pizza.

    Reddit: scyphomedusae / Via

    8. This spring roll and sushi roll love child which needs to never see the light of day.

    Reddit: mshknglkmlk / Via

    9. This frozen abomination, made with "seafood".

    Reddit: NakedComedy / Via

    10. This plate of cheeseburger nigiri with a questionable yellow sauce.

    Reddit: Alikese / Via

    11. This "sushi slice" which looks impossible to eat neatly.

    Reddit: TheHiphopopotamus / Via

    12. This french fry sushi which takes two amazing things and makes something terrible.

    Reddit: HippoGiggle / Via

    13. This dinnertime masterpiece from Kimmi K.

    Instagram: @kimkardashian

    14. This sushi burrito ROLLED IN CHEETO DUST???

    Reddit: Ikkara / Via

    15. This mashup which offends Italian and Japanese cuisines.

    Reddit: rebekha / Via

    16. Ditto these ones made from spaghetti and meatballs.

    17. Or how about these macaroni rolls?

    Reddit: Mayutshayut / Via

    18. This Christmas sushi filled with turkey and cranberry.

    Reddit: markmleach / Via

    19. This order of sushi which came served on PRINGLES???

    Instagram: mu1ti6rain / Via

    20. Or this poutine dish, using sushi instead of fries.

    Reddit: ZombieBisque / Via

    21. And, finally, this sushi soup. SOUP.

    Reddit: VaginalRoquefort / Via