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    23 Tastes That Define Summer In Australia

    Salt, sand and sausage sizzles.

    1. The unbeatable taste of a Bunnings sausage sizzle.

    2. A spritz of Aerogard picked up by the wind and blown into your mouth.

    3. The refreshing sugar hit of a Slurpee from 7/11.

    4. Slightly charred lamb chops.

    Because whoever was on BBQ duty got distracted by what was happening in the cricket.

    5. Leftover Christmas ham.

    Which mum makes you eat until mid-January.

    6. Mango for breakfast on a hot, sticky morning.

    7. Warm, half-strength pre-mixed drinks at a music festival.

    8. Fish 'n' chips with plenty of lemon.

    And then making a chip and tomato sauce sambo on fresh white bread.

    9. The inevitable crunchiness of sand which always gets in your mouth, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

    10. Plasticky near-boiling water from a bottle that's been lying in the sun for hours.

    11. The icy-cold taste of a Zooper Dooper tainted with blood from the cuts it makes on your mouth.

    12. Salt that has dried to your lips and skin.

    13. Sickly sweet Cottee's with not enough water added.

    14. That unique blend of sunscreen and sweat which rolls down your face and into your mouth.

    15. The tangy, crunchy and creamy mix of a Christmas pavlova.

    16. The tart aftertaste that comes from eating way too many cherries.

    17. A mouth full of chlorine after a pool-based water fight.

    18. Icy-cold Gatorade because being hungover in 40-degree heat is the worst.

    19. Macca's breakfast before going on a long-weekend road trip.

    20. A jug of Pimm's on a stiflingly hot afternoon.

    21. The taste of 24 advent chocolates on December 1st.

    Because they'll ~definitely~ melt if you only eat one a day.

    22. Sticky tape on your lips from using your teeth to cut it while wrapping.

    23. And the taste of regret after a dirty NYE kiss.

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