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People Think Hobart's New $35,000 Christmas Tree Is Ugly AF

"Quite literally the worst attempt at a Christmas tree I have ever seen."

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Over the past few years, people have complained that Hobart's Christmas decorations have been "the worst in the country".

Christmas in #Hobart #Taamania #Australia

Too bad everyone seems to hate it.

@abcnews that's not a Christmas tree Hobart. Those are just sticks with lights

And no one thinks it looks like an actual Christmas tree.

@abcnewsTas @abcnews Looks like the protective foam my pawpaw comes packaged in at the grocers ..with some sticks and lights #ThatsNotArt


And people were quick to compare it to trees around the world.

You only had one job, #Hobart City Council.. Hobart's $35,000 modern #Christmas tree panned

This guy's got an alternative for them.

The Hobart Council's 2nd choice Christmas Tree design @cohobart #worstchristmastree #hobart

A Christmas tree farm in Tasmania is jumping on the bandwagon and using this as a great chance to advertise.