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22 Photos That Prove Australia Day And 4th Of July Are Very Different

'Straya vs. 'Murica.

1. Patriotic food in the USA:

Reddit: RandomLetterSequence / Via

2. Patriotic food in Australia:

Instagram: romsm237 / Via

3. Snapchats in the USA:

Reddit: stunafish / Via

4. Snapchats in Australia:

Instagram: anfow / Via

5. Staying safe in the USA:

6. Staying safe in Australia:

Reddit: Supultura / Via

7. Patriotic outfits in the USA:

Reddit: JPMson / Via

8. Patriotic outfits in Australia:

9. Signs in the USA:

Imgur: drbatookhan / Via

10. Signs in Australia:

11. Cakes in the USA:

Reddit: wichofportobello / Via

12. Cakes in Australia:

Reddit: gntmag / Via

13. BBQs in the USA:

Instagram: @mariahpatience / Via

14. BBQs in Australia:

Reddit: SydneyTom / Via

15. Being un-American:

Reddit: Streetlights_People / Via

16. Being un-Australian:

Redit: jrg86 / Via

17. Empty cans in the USA:

18. Empty cans in Australia:

19. Sunburn in the USA:

Reddit: waltersobchak22 / Via

20. Sunburn in Australia:

21. Celebrities on 4th July:

Instagram: @Taylorswift

22. And celebrities on Australia Day:

Facebook: shannonnoll / Via Facebook: shannonnoll

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