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23 Times Aussie Uni Students Had No Fucks To Give

Uni's hard, you guys.

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2. This library trying to relate to youth culture.

3. This guy who came prepared.

4. And these geniuses who also know the value of a good esky.

5. This revamp of the university statue.

6. This society that you'll actually want to join.

7. This person just trying to get through exam time.

8. These people taking a sneaky nap between classes.

9. This glorious automobile.

10. This dumpster-diving hipster.

11. This guy who thinks MacBooks are too mainstream.

12. This lady who has sprung a leek.

13. This guy who probably just could have gone to Macca's.

Facebook: spottedsydney

14. And this guy who's trying to save money on lunches.

Facebook: spottedsydney

16. This guy who will probably not sleep again until next semester.

17. This fellow who didnt let graduation get in the way of leg day.

18. This creative labelling.

19. This guy...?

20. This smartass.

21. This bench which is not trying to make any statement whatsoever.

22. This person who isn't letting their lack of padlock stop them from protecting their shit.

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