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    Please Enjoy This Insane Trailer For Lindsay Lohan's New TV Show

    Punk'd 2.0.

    Today a video surfaced online which looks a lot like a trailer for a new show hosted by Lindsay Lohan, titled The Anti Social Network.

    Lindsay Lohan's new TV show looks amazing 😭 it's like Punk'd for the social media age

    Don't worry, I don't really know what's going on either. It seems to be some kind of social-media-based prank show???????????

    In the video, Lindsay says, "I love social media. I mean, I am social media." Which is a very bold thing to say considering her fame peaked before social media was even really a thing?

    Lindsay herself hasn't really announced anything about the show just yet, but she did retweet a news article about it.

    Also I think she wants Piers Morgan to come on the show?

    @piersmorgan did your show in London would love to have you on my new show the Anti Social Network 😊 RT if you want to see him get pranked

    Well, one thing's for sure: Her weird accent is gone.