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    19 Destinations To Visit If You're Thinking About Traveling On Your Own

    Whether you want to make new friends, or ~find yourself.~

    1. Czech Republic

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    Czech Republic is a wonderful place to visit on your own. The beautiful city of Prague is crawling with other tourists, so chances are high that you'll meet new friends immediately. It's also got one of the best hostels in the world for solo travelers, with nightly group dinners and activities. If you want to be alone, the city's winding streets are the perfect place to wander and lose yourself for a few hours.

    2. Iceland

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    According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the world's most peaceful country. It's a super easy place to travel by yourself, and extremely safe for both women and men. A lot of people speak English, and there are plenty of tours you can hop on to see the country.

    3. Botswana

    4. Guatemala

    5. Australia

    6. Malta

    7. Georgia

    8. Belgium

    9. Nepal

    10. Southern Thailand

    11. Japan

    Daniel Machacek / Getty Images

    While not everyone in Japan speaks English, they make it very easy for tourists to get around. Tokyo's hosting the 2020 Olympics, so they're adding English to most signs around the city. Plus, there are plenty of apps that'll help you get around, and the public transport is confusing but efficient.

    12. Malaysia

    13. Kosovo

    14. Canada

    15. Costa Rica

    16. Singapore

    17. Ireland

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    Whether you stick to the main cities or head out exploring by car or bike, we guarantee you'll feel welcomed. The Irish are friendly and cheerful, and there are plenty of pubs you can pass time in over a pint. There's a good chance you'll strike up a conversation that'll last all night.

    18. Hong Kong

    19. Mexico

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