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    18 Of The Trashiest Moments In History

    Ugh, such trashbags.

    1. These trashbags.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    2. This trashcan.

    Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    3. These trashy youngsters.

    Sean Murphy / Getty Images

    4. This trash straight out of Mario Kart.

    Dmitry Sladkov / Getty Images

    5. This trashy spring clean.

    Nicholas Rjabow / Getty Images

    6. These perfect cubes of trash.

    Pasmal / Getty Images

    7. This whole huge mess of trash.

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

    8. This trashy trash yard.

    Top Photo Corporation / Getty Images

    9. This trashy roadside.

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    10. This huge ol' pile of trash.

    Vvoevale / Getty Images

    11. This trashy mountain of trash.

    Pn_photo / Getty Images

    12. This trash which is so trashy that it can't even be contained.

    Baloncici / Getty Images

    13. This trashy spectacle.

    David De Lossy / Getty Images

    14. This trashy sea of trash.

    Hxdyl / Getty Images

    15. This trash that just wanted a beach holiday.

    Maxvis / Getty Images

    16. This trashy city. / Via Creative Commons

    17. This trash going for a ride on a trashy conveyor belt.

    Hroe / Getty Images

    18. And this trashy trash.

    Overcrew / Getty Images

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