Smarties Are About 10000 Times Better Than M&Ms And Here's Why

    Yes, you heard me right.

    OK, people of the world. It's time for us to talk about Smarties.

    (And btw we're talking about the CHOCOLATES, not these gross things that Americans call Smarties.)

    Smarties are, hands down, the greatest chocolate-based snack known to man.

    Way better than M&Ms, who have gotten too fancy with all their different flavours and varieties.

    Like, c'mon guys, is this not a little excessive?

    Smarties are simpler. Classier. More refined.

    And goddamn delicious.

    Plus the chocolate-block version is AMAZING.

    Craving some sugar at 3 p.m.? Have some Smarties!

    Starving for dinner but you haven't gone grocery shopping yet? Eat a whole packet of Smarties!

    Need a perfect 21st birthday present for your best friend? You honestly can't beat a packet of Smarties.

    Smarties are always a good idea.

    And anyone who thinks anything else is just plain wrong.