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19 Little Things Only Australians Have Perfected

That perfect Milo ratio.

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1. Achieving the perfect butter to Vegemite ratio on toast and sandwiches.

2. Drinking out of a goon sack without spilling any on yourself.

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3. Completing a Tim Tam slam without the biscuit melting and crumbling in your fingers.

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4. Putting just enough Milo in your glass so it dissolves in the milk but still has enough flavour.

Instagram: nicole131989 / Instagram: @nicole131989

5. Fixing a blowout by any means necessary.

6. Picking the best lollies out of a bag of Allen's Party Mix without even looking.


7. Knowing exactly how to fix a Saturday-morning hangover.

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8. Eating these without losing a tooth.


9. Identifying a Shape by it's shape.

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10. Avoiding the metal bit on a seatbelt in summer.

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11. Keeping these in colour order for the longest possible time.


12. Knowing which beaches to avoid on summer weekends. / Via Creative Commons

13. And knowing which trees to avoid in spring.

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14. Putting just enough cheese in your jaffle so it only seeps out the sides a little bit.

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15. Being able to catch a huntsman in a takeaway container.

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16. Finding sneaky ways to watch your favourite TV shows when they air in the US without having to wait weeks.

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17. Cooling down in summer in the most delicious ways.

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18. Finding the shadiest parts of the pavement to walk on when barefoot.

Twitter: djwlctt / Twitter: @djwlctt

19. And knowing the exact route to ask your cabbie to take so you'll go past a drive-thru Macca's.

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