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24 Times Australian Hipsters Needed To Be Stopped

You can keep your vegan organic genderless gingerbread figures.

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1. This super-trendy Sydney "café" which is ACTUALLY A MCDONALD'S??

2. This cold brew goon sack:

3. This Melbourne bakery offering:

4. This Surry Hills condiment rack:

5. This Airtasker mission:

6. And this easier, but overpriced way to get "art":

Reddit: Leg_it / Via

7. This protein powder, containing PEA PROTEIN, served in a glass jar:

8. This Darlinghurst bin makeover:

Reddit: Societyscrazydreams / Via

9. This downright confusing graffiti:

Reddit: awockawockawocka / Via

10. This accessory which only serves to be more inconvenient:

Reddit: Matti_Matti_Matti / Via

11. This tarot reading which will probably see mung beans in your future:

Reddit: m1ssT / Via

12. This ironic form of transport:

Reddit: SydneyTom / Via

13. Literally everything about this menu:

14. This unnecessary reminder:

Reddit: twitchyc / Via

15. This pick 'n' mix pet food:

16. This "plate" from a Melbourne restaurant:

17. And this fucking plate which is equally offensive:

18. This basic AF menu:

19. This beard kit found in a Sydney hotel's minibar:

20. This dessert which really didn't need a goddamn syringe:

21. This cosy pole:

22. This after-lunch treat:

23. This "church", which is taking things a step too far:

24. And this absolute fucking bargain of a pint:

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