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Can You Beat This Infuriatingly Hard "Simpsons" Quiz?

How closely have you been paying attention?

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  1. A: Which character had octuplets?

  2. B: What is Marge's maiden name?

  3. C: What was Kurt Van Houten's song titled?

  4. D: How many dollarydoos did Bart's phone call to Australia cost?

  5. E: Which iconic actress voiced Maggie's first word, "daddy"?

  6. F: What is the name of Radioactive Man's sidekick?

  7. G: Which former president moved into Evergreen Terrace?

  8. H: What is Homer's brother's name?

  9. I: What did Chester J. Lampwick first create?

  10. J: What's Reverend Lovejoy's daughter's name?

  11. K: What is Krusty's real last name? (No, it is not "The Clown".)

  12. L: What type of tree did Shelbyville steal from Springfield?

  13. M: What is Homer's mom's name?

  14. N: What grade is Nelson in?

  15. O: Name a city near Springfield that also got a monorail.

  16. P: Name Itchy and Scratchy's dog friend.

  17. Q: What is the mayor of Springfield's first and last name?

  18. R: Name the action film star who lives in Springfield.

  19. S: What was the name of the secret organisation Homer joined?

  20. T: What surname were The Simpsons given when put into witness protection?

  21. U: What is the German exhange student's name?

  22. V: What gummi object caused Homer to be accused of sexually harassing the babysitter?

  23. W: Which of Bart's classmates is prone to vomiting?

  24. X: Which character did Lucy Lawless voice in a Treehouse of Horror episode?

  25. Y: "Yvan Eht Nioj" was subliminal marketing for what?

  26. Z: Which billionaire with the initials AZ is in love with Marge?

Can You Beat This Infuriatingly Hard "Simpsons" Quiz?

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