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    19 Photos That'll Make All Australians Cringe, Then Feel Proud

    The country where shoeys are a rite of passage.

    1. This legend at 7/11's BYO cup day.

    Reddit: getjoacookie / Via

    2. This mammoth effort.

    Reddit: TheIronTrooper / Via

    3. Daniel Ricciardo celebrating at the Formula One Grand Prix.

    Mark Thompson / Getty Images

    4. And this guy doing the most patriotic shoey of all time.

    5. This great summary of the sounds of home.

    6. This guy riding a skateboard-esky hybrid.

    7. This election day snapshot.

    Instagram: @sophieupcroft / Via

    8. This breakfast situation.

    Reddit: Jonny-Sniper / Via

    9. And this 'Straya day brekky.

    Instagram: @fazeldazel / Via

    10. Charlie.

    11. This newspaper headline.

    12. And this one.

    13. This lady's ingenuity.

    14. This poll.

    15. This headline.

    Reddit: daria-darko / Via

    16. This legend cracking whips to Shannon Noll's "Drive".

    Facebook: video.php

    17. This bong engineer.

    Instagram: @beaudeancrawford / Via

    18. This well-named emu.

    Reddit: WishIwasAsian / Via

    19. And this beautiful union.

    Reddit: Stewpid / Via

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