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24 Times Shay Mitchell's Instagram Gave You Mega Wanderlust

Shay's slaying all over the world.

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1. Shay Mitchell loves a good travel snap.

2. She travels the world for her YouTube show Shaycation, and the photos she's been taking along the way are damn near flawless.

3. So flawless, in fact, that her whole Insta feed could be some kind of online travel brochure.

4. Like that time she matched her outfit to the decor in Marrakech.

5. When her Bali travel snaps looked like this...

7. When she had some casual wines in the Napa Valley and took this photo which the winery will surely be using for promo.

8. When she took a hike and showed off the best side of LA.

9. When she made us all want to get around the fire with her.

10. When she posed for this photo and tripled Dubai's tourism (probably).

11. When she made the dead of winter seem like the hottest part of the year.

12. When her spa day in Morocco was the most photogenic thing to ever happen.

13. When she hung out with snakes like it was nbd.

14. When she shared her colourful snaps of India.

15. When she managed to make grimy NYC look like the only place in the world to be.

16. When she showed us her transport for the day.

17. And where she camped that night.

18. When her hiking photos inspired you to climb a mountain.

19. When she casually uploaded these photos which look like an ad for a yacht.

20. When she showed off a unique view of Maui.

21. When her snaps from London were regal AF.

22. When her photos of Paris were just so damn perfect.

23. When this was what a day at the beach looked like for her.

24. And we can't forget that time she perched above Hong Kong like it was nbd.

Thanks for the wanderlust Shay. Keep on slaying. <3