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    Updated on 22 Feb 2019. Posted on 10 Jul 2018

    29 Of The Funniest Things Shaun Micallef Has Ever Said

    Thank god he's here, indeed.

    1. When he revamped these lyrics.

    2. When he literally broke the fourth wall.

    3. When he lived his best Dracula life.

    4. When he decided to sit front-and-centre on breakfast TV.

    Network Ten / Via

    5. When he helped deliver this sick newspaper burn.

    6. And this one.

    7. When he came up with unique descriptions for every episode of Mad As Hell.

    Reddit: ShaneWarne_ICC / Via

    8. And some of them got very... creative.

    Reddit: jonathons11 / Via

    9. When he won an AACTA and reminded us all why.

    10. When he had a short stint on Thank God You're Here.

    11. When he had trouble getting his point across.

    12. When he didn't quite get the gist of this financial segment.

    13. And when he dressed up as Dorothy from Oz.

    14. When he got literal.

    15. When he didn't want to bother with titles.

    16. When he knew exactly what his Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation co-stars would say.

    17. When he was quick on his feet.

    18. When he dropped some truth bombs.

    19. When he took "break glass" too literally.

    20. When he came up with some items you'd definitely find in an ABC store.

    21. When he told it like it is.

    22. When he nailed a zinger and had a beer to celebrate.

    23. When he pointed out these doppelgängers.

    24. When he questioned some of the flaws in this article.

    25. When he was taken aback by some popcorn.

    26. And when he called out John Howard's hypocrisy.

    27. When he discovered a new use for women's mags.

    28. When he shut down Josh Thomas and his jokes.

    29. And when he left us with a thought to ponder.

    Network Ten

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