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    The Office Opposite Taylor Swift's Trial Is Showing Their Support In An Awesome Way

    "Brb I'm sending a fruit basket to 'office with Taylor Swift support stickies on window'".

    ICYMI, Taylor Swift is currently in court for a trial after a 2013 incident where a radio DJ allegedly grabbed her ass.

    Mike Coppola

    After she complained to his boss and he was fired, he sued Swift for up to $3 million. She countersued for $1, to keep his shady ass accountable.

    Many fans have shared their support for her online, and some have turned up at the court to stand by her. An office building opposite the courthouse has also found their own way of showing support for the singer.

    Support for @taylorswift1 across the street from the courthouse #TaylorSwiftTrial

    On Monday, the first day of the trial, "Free Tay!" could be seen written on the window with Post-It Notes.

    The next day, "Haterz Gonna Hate", a lyric from "Shake It Off" appeared, accompanied by a display of colourful wool.

    Bundles of colorful yarn added to the @taylorswift13 support display #TaylorSwiftTrial

    The next day, "I Knew You Were Trouble".

    A reporter for FOX News in Denver shared this video from inside the building, and everyone was quick to show how much they appreciated their messages.

    From the inside! The ladies behind the window words of support for @taylorswift13

    @selewifty Brb I'm sending a fruit basket to 'office with Taylor Swift support stickies on window'

    God bless these perfect window women.❤️

    Finished msg across from the #TaylorSwiftTrial #Denver

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