22 Reasons Why Seahorses Are The Most Badass Creatures In The Ocean

You should see them just squirting out babies.

1. It is a fact that can no longer be denied. Seahorses are the coolest damn animals on the planet.


2. Did you know that MALE seahorses are the ones to get pregnant?

Andrey Nekrasov / Getty Images / Imagebroker RF

3. This is how the female transfers her eggs to the male.

National Aquarium / Via youtube.com

4. And then they can give birth to UP TO 2,500 BABY SEAHORSES!


5. Look at him just squirting out his babies.

6. And the babies are TINY.

Bournemouth News / Rex / REX USA

7. Pygmy seahorses don’t ever get longer than about an inch when fully grown.

Flickr: osunick / Creative Commons

8. Some seahorses look really damn cool.

Flickr: luppes777 / Via Creative Commons

9. They like to blend in with their surroundings.

Flickr: thebusybrain / Creative Commons

10. And they’re hella good at camouflage.


11. “Snoot snoot motherfuckers. I bet you can’t see me.”

12. Though sometimes they’re quite the opposite of subtle.

en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

13. They like to hang out and link tails when they swim around together.


14. Awwww it’s like they’re holding hands!

BBC One / Via youtube.com

15. When they’re resting, they like to curl their tail around coral or another plant so they don’t float away.

en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons

16. They come in some very cool colours.

Flickr: donhomer / Creative Commons

17. This guy’s just showing off.

Flickr: donhomer / Creative Commons

18. They’re so chill. They are actually the slowest moving fish in the ocean.

According to the Guinness Book of Records.

19. But because of their odd body shape and slow speed, they often die of exhaustion in particularly stormy waters :( .


20. As they have no teeth and no stomach, they must constantly eat to stay alive. Some seahorses can eat more than 3,000 brine shrimp A DAY.

BBC One / Via youtube.com

21. They’re super sneaky. They can move each of their eyes independently, so they can watch everything going on around them without being noticed.

Andrey Nekrasov / Getty Images / Imagebroker RF

22. So, apologies to every other marine creature. Seahorses are the coolest. You should just be happy with the privilege of sharing the ocean with them.

IMAX: Journey to the South Pacific / Via thedodo.com

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