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26 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Say "Same"


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2. When that light's working perfectly for you:


5. When you live for your haters:

8. When you're feeling your look:

9. When you've had a particularly rowdy weekend:

Drunk comet 'Lovejoy' spews up 500 bottles of booze per second. | @han_francisco

12. When your sister nails your aesthetic:


14. When you identify with a goose:

16. When you're lazy but you know you got potential:

18. When you're trying out a new look and you feel 🔥🔥🔥:

20. When you know you look fly but also want some space:

21. When you're trying to be stubborn, but... priorities:

When you mad but someone offers you food.

22. When someone doesn't reply to your texts so you keep texting them until they reply:

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