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The 24 Different Ways To Do A Macca's Run

There's a Macca's run for every occasion.

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3. The "whole house party walks to Macca's" run.

Worth it just to see the look on the poor employee's face when 30 loud, drunk customers roll in at 3am. That is, if you can remember it tomorrow. Sorry, employee.

4. The "designated driver" Macca's run.

This Macca's run targets the poor soul at the house party who's still under the limit and is tasked with the purchasing of $100 worth of McDonald's meals, all of which are special orders.


5. The "drunk in a taxi" Macca's run.

The worst part of this is the conversation you have to have in order to make this happen: "Excusssse me pls, sir, could we go to the inner west plllsss but first can we go through the Macca's drive through pls? Pls?"


11. The "lunch break" Macca's run.

Whether it's a reward to yourself for dealing with shitty customers, or the high-cal energy kick you need to make it through your split-shift, this is a Macca's run of necessity.

12. The "what is my life" Macca's run.


When you're like "bye guys, I'm ready for bed!" to your friends at the club, but then you sneakily swing by Macca's, take your meal home in the cab, and eat it in bed, alone. You may or may not wake up with a burger on your face.


13. The "Menulog" Macca's run.


At first, you're like "$25 minimum? I'll never make that!" but then you realise that if you can dream it you, can do it. Not technically a "Macca's run", per se, but running to your phone to order totally counts, right?


19. The "after school" Macca's run.

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It's the cool place to hang out, and nothing says ~cool~ like EFTPOSing a cheeseburger and praying to the gods above that you've the necessary $2.10 left in your account to pay for it.