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    21 Photos Of Pizza That Are Straight-Up Disturbing

    I have seen some frightening things today.

    1. This sad pizza which had so much potential.

    2. And this school lunch "pizza" slice which I'm not sure is even real food?

    3. This "home made" sad lump of unmelted cheese.

    4. This reminder to never mix sweet and savoury.

    5. And this restaurant who forgot that breakfast pizza is actually just dinner pizza, eaten cold while standing over the sink.

    6. This unsalvageable nonsense.

    7. This cauliflower crust pizza which offends me to my core.

    8. This level of impatience which just ruined what could have been a perfectly good pizza.

    9. This "half pepperoni" pizza which just defies logic.

    10. And this half-and-half nonsense which would only be OK if you're the one who ordered pepperoni.

    11. And this topping which is straight-up offensive.

    12. This cheeseless pizza which is honestly just fucking bread.

    13. And this alternative, but equally unappetising version for lactose-intolerant pizza lovers.

    14. Or how about this attempt to add cheese which is somehow worse than no cheese.

    15. This bullshit which could easily have been avoided.

    16. This confusing AF fail:

    17. This homemade crust which will haunt me to my grave.

    18. This pizza which disproves the theory that you can never have too much cheese.

    19. This delivery guy who seems to have created some kind of cheese vortex.

    20. I...honestly don't even know what was supposed to happen here.

    21. And this bullshit monstrosity which has no business calling itself a pizza.