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    The 22 Stages Of Going On A Road Trip In Australia

    Trees, trees, paddocks, trees, silo, trees, cow, horse, trees.

    1. FINALLY! Its summer, and you have a whole two weeks off!

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    2. So you decide to take a road trip, because really, there's no better way to explore our beautiful country.

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    3. But then you have to figure out where you actually want to go.

    Up the coast? Down the coast? The possibilities are endless.

    4. And then, just before you leave, you have the bigger problem of choosing what music to put on your road trip playlist.

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    5. So finally you hit the road and you're ready for the most awesome road trip EVER!

    6. But then, inevitably, after ten minutes you hit traffic because this is Australia.

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    7. Yes! The traffic is clearing and you're on the move again!

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    8. Lol nope, more traffic.

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    9. After what seems like forever, at last, you get onto the highway.

    10. You look out the windows but everything looks exactly the same.

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    Trees, trees, paddock, cows, trees, silo, trees, trees.

    11. When you're in the middle of absolute nowhere, someone decides they need the bathroom.

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    12. You try to find a cute little beach town where you can have a picnic lunch.

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    13. Though you'll probably just end up eating meat pies in the carpark of a BP.

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    14. You drive past somewhere really pretty and everyone wants to get out and take a photo in front of it.

    15. Then it's back to the same boring repetitive scenery.

    16. Though you'll probably drive past a big banana, a big mango or a big sheep at some point.

    17. Then you drive past a stand selling fruit and roses and you HAVE to buy a huge box of cherries or mandarins that no one will end up eating.

    18. It gets to that point of the trip where you're restless and completely sick of being stuck in a hot & cramped car.

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    19. But wait! You see a sign that says you're less than an hour from your destination!

    20. It's possibly the longest hour of your life, but finally, you can get out of the car.

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    21. Your legs ache and your eyeballs feel like they're about to fall out.

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    22. And you're ready to do it all again tomorrow, probably with a hangover.

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