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Can You Recommend A Book That "Riverdale" Fans Would Love?

Let's share the fiction love.

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If you're not already watching Riverdale you need to jump on board ASAP.

The CW

It's a murder-mystery teen drama based on the Archie Comics and every episode is truly a wild ride.

And if you love the show, then you probably have a pretty similar taste when it comes to reading.


Maybe you love books that are also teen mysteries, like We Were Liars.

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Maybe the fast-paced intrigue of the show reminds you of the literary thriller The Secret History.

It's also got very heavy ~twincest~ vibes just like the show.
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It's also got very heavy ~twincest~ vibes just like the show.

Or are you all about shows and books with strong female leads, and would recommend something like The Girl Who Fell From The Sky?

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We would love to hear your suggestions! Let us know in the comments below for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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