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Everyone's Really Fucking Mad About The New Pringles

"Once you pop you can't stop...being disappointed."

Pringles are one of those chips that everyone loves, but recently Australians have noticed changes in their products.

First of all, the tubes are a lot smaller.

Although the weight difference between the old and new cans is only 16g, the chips themselves are a lot smaller.

People are complaining that they can't fit their hands in the cans any more, which honestly wasn't even an easy feat to begin with.

And if that wasn't enough, the flavour and texture have also changed drastically.

Pringles Australia released a statement on its website claiming that production has moved from the US to Malaysia to meet Australian demand. This is why the flavour, texture, and packaging have changed.

But people are still really mad.

First Shapes, and now Pringles. What did we do to deserve this?

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