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    27 Australian Tattoos That Are So Patriotic It Hurts

    What's more Aussie than having a giant redback on your chest?

    1. This amazing artwork which should be hung in a gallery.

    2. These awesome kangaroos.

    3. This chromatically accurate lorikeet.

    4. This cute and cuddly koala.

    5. This koala which is neither cute nor cuddly.

    6. This koala who just wants to have a surf.

    7. Or there's this friendly guy.

    8. There are actually a lot of koala tatts.

    9. This quick way to freak people out.

    11. This touching tribute.

    12. This galah which is giving ultimate side eye.

    13. This cockatoo who has pretty strong side eye game as well.

    14. This turtle who has an Aussie tattoo of his own.

    15. This roo who's ready for a fight.

    16. Here he is again.

    17. This cool dude.

    18. This beautiful Sydney skyline.

    19. This great appropriation of our flag.

    20. This Ned Kelly memorial.

    21. And this one which is a little more ~badass~.

    22. This to-scale kookaburra.

    23. And these bats which are probably bigger than the real thing.

    24. This incredibly detailed froggy.

    25. This Banjo artwork.

    26. This slightly terrifying skull.

    27. And finally, the good ol' Hills Hoist.