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    21 Recipes That Seem Fancy AF But Are Very Easy

    And you don't even need to keep a rat in your chef hat.

    We asked members of BuzzFeed Community which easy recipes they like to cook to impress people. Here are some of the best recipes.

    1. Easy Lasagne

    "People will be so impressed because they think lasagne takes a ton of work, but it's mostly wait time!" – Kristina Tobin, Facebook

    Get the recipe here.

    2. Homemade Gnocchi

    "Gnocchi is one of those things that sound fancy but are actually stupidly easy to make." – cptn

    Pair it with marinara sauce or whatever veggies are in season. Get a recipe here.

    3. Lemon and Garlic Salmon

    4. Brie and Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

    5. Zucchini Slice

    6. No-Bake Cheesecake

    "Everyone thinks you put effort into it but you know the secret." – Miles Turner, Facebook

    Get a recipe here.

    7. Blue Cheese Fettuccine

    8. Crack Cookies

    "I call them crack cookies because you can't stop eating them." – Maggie McDonald, Facebook

    Find a recipe here.

    9. Creamy Risotto

    "It has some fancy mystique about it like it's hard, so people will be impressed, but it's just time-consuming. You can make them all stand around in the kitchen to keep you company while you stir if you bribe them with booze." – Jake Haskell, Facebook

    Get a recipe here.

    10. Shepherd's Pie

    "It always amazes people, but it’s literally so simple." – k417bb833c

    Get a recipe here.

    11. Beef Massaman Curry

    "Guests think you have spent hours and hours prepping dinner." – k4b2d5952b

    Get a recipe here.

    12. Pesto Pasta With Chicken

    "I used it to impress my roommates on the night we moved in. It’s literally chicken, pesto, and pasta, yet one roommate requests it for his birthday!" – rachaelf490c86ae7

    Get a recipe here.

    13. Bill Smith's Atlantic Beach Pie

    "It’s so easy to make and so good! All the ingredients are things I have on hand at all times." – misereres

    Get the recipe here.

    14. Summer Vegetable Tian

    "It’s basically just slicing veggies, layering them in a dish, and baking it with cheese, but it’s so delicious! You can mix up the veggies too; the recipe calls for only potato, tomato, and squash, but I also add carrots and mushrooms. I also add in 2 tbsp of bread crumbs on the bottom to soak up the tomato juice, so it doesn't go soggy." – alexs421830664

    Get the recipe here.

    15. Pistachio-Crusted Chicken

    "It’s absolutely delicious, the chicken always turns out moist, and the best part is that it’s incredibly easy." – kimh4578fbd3b

    Get a recipe here.

    16. Roasted Vegetables

    You can really use any veggies and any seasoning you want. – raebea

    Get a recipe here.

    17. Hummus-Crusted Chicken

    "Takes less than 10 minutes to prep, but looks and tastes like you spent forever on it. It’s foolproof and everyone always asks for the recipe." – taylev

    Get a recipe here.

    18. Baked Brie

    "It’s incredibly simple to make but it looks immensely complicated. I make it for every party I’m hosting." – thedaringdiva

    Get a recipe here.

    19. Cajun Chicken Pasta

    "You can also do a shrimp version. It’s so incredibly simple, and doesn’t take much time. Everyone who has tried it says it tastes like something you would get at Olive Garden." – crystald4f945448c

    Get a recipe here.

    20. Spaghetti Carbonara

    Real Carbonara sauce has no added cream, just bacon, Parmesan, and egg. – hollyskittlesb

    Get a recipe here.

    21. Ice Cream

    Max Falkowitz / Via

    "Once you learn how to make a custard, ice cream is not really that difficult to make, so it seems more impressive than it really is. And you can make all sorts of cool flavours." – sineadn3

    Find a recipe for coconut lime ice cream here.

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