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21 Recipes That Seem Fancy AF But Are Very Easy

And you don't even need to keep a rat in your chef hat.

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We asked members of BuzzFeed Community which easy recipes they like to cook to impress people. Here are some of the best recipes.


4. Brie and Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

Instagram: @oldworlditaly

"It's the easiest fancy-pants recipe I know, and everybody I make it for thinks I've spent all day in the kitchen." – Maria Elizabeth, Facebook

Get a recipe here.

5. Zucchini Slice

Instagram: @rachmleonard

"It's foolproof as a side dish or even on its own. I also like to put halved cherry tomatoes along the top of the slice before cooking. You can make it without bacon for a vegetarian slice." – Jordan Janssen, Facebook

Find a recipe here.

7. Blue Cheese Fettuccine

Literally just throw things in a pan, and add pasta. Add bacon, salmon, or chicken for some protein. Get a recipe here. – Melissa Fahy, Facebook


9. Creamy Risotto

"It has some fancy mystique about it like it's hard, so people will be impressed, but it's just time-consuming. You can make them all stand around in the kitchen to keep you company while you stir if you bribe them with booze." – Jake Haskell, Facebook

Get a recipe here.


14. Summer Vegetable Tian

"It’s basically just slicing veggies, layering them in a dish, and baking it with cheese, but it’s so delicious! You can mix up the veggies too; the recipe calls for only potato, tomato, and squash, but I also add carrots and mushrooms. I also add in 2 tbsp of bread crumbs on the bottom to soak up the tomato juice, so it doesn't go soggy." – alexs421830664

Get the recipe here.


21. Ice Cream

Max Falkowitz / Via

"Once you learn how to make a custard, ice cream is not really that difficult to make, so it seems more impressive than it really is. And you can make all sorts of cool flavours." – sineadn3

Find a recipe for coconut lime ice cream here.

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