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22 Reasons Giraffes Should Be Your New Favourite Animal

From their long necks to their tufty ossicones.

1. They're highly skilled at pulling funny faces.

2. And they do a very good 'unimpressed' face.

3. The 'horns' on their heads are actually ossicones, which are used for temperature regulation.

4. Female and young giraffes have tufty ossicones, while the males' are bald on top.

5. They're not afraid to get all up in your bidness.

6. They're an open minded creature, letting their kids hang out with other species.

7. There are no adequate adjectives to describe just how cute baby giraffes are.

8. And they learn how to stand up within 30 minutes of being born, due to their super inflatable leg veins.

9. NASA actually studied the legs of baby giraffes and used their findings to create a device to stabilise pressure in astronauts' leg veins.

10. Their spots are like human fingerprints- no two giraffes have the same pattern.

11. They can hold their own in a fight...

And seem to have finely honed ninja skills.

12. But seriously, a giraffe's kick can decapitate a lion.

13. But they know how to get along when they need to.

14. These majestic creatures use their 50cm long tongue to pick their nose and clean their ears.

15. Though they're super gangly and awkward, they don't let body image issues get them down.

16. And have even figured out how to use their own butt as a pillow.

17. Their spots are also like gang symbols- giraffes from the same area have similar patterns.

18. They live in some amazing places but you don't often hear them bragging about it.

19. The way giraffes have to bend to drink leaves them open to predators, so their digestive system has evolved to take water from the plants they eat. They only need to drink every couple of days.

20. Female giraffes are only ready to mate for brief periods every two weeks. The males drink the females' urine to determine if she's ready to mate, or if they should leave her alone.

21. They have the longest neck of any animal in the world.

22. Male giraffes fight by rubbing and twisting their necks together. Sometimes this test of strength arouses the giraffes so much that they stop fighting and move onto... other things.