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    25 Tiny Things To Make You Smile When You Really Need It

    Everything is going to be A-OK.

    1. Hey everyone, we live in a world where red pandas exist!

    2. A world where you can find out the name of your Domino's delivery driver to really make him feel welcome.

    3. And a world where sometimes even the best of intentions can go astray.

    4. Don't let yourself forget all the good things that are happening. Like this iguana getting away safely!

    Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible. #PlanetEarth2

    5. Or this nine-year-old with a business model.

    6. Like these dogs having the best day of their lives!

    7. And cats falling asleep with their tongue out.

    8. There are still so many reasons to be smiling! Nevada just elected the first-ever Latina senator!

    9. Oregon elected the US's first openly LGBT governor!

    10. And a former refugee is now the first ever Somali-American Muslim female legislator!

    11. You know, you could totally have pizza for dinner tonight if you want to.

    12. Or you can have a big ol' bowl of spaghetti if that's more your style.

    13. Speaking of which, do you know who loves spaghetti? This little rat.

    14. Don't forget that your favourite books will always be there for you like a portal into another world.

    15. Please remember we're still surrounded by pure, wholesome people.

    My 74 year old father made my sister print out his favourite election memes so he could take them to work to show everyone. #bless #LOL

    16. People who dress their dogs up in suits.

    17. And people who will remind you what love is.

    dear american queer kids, if trump wins and conversion therapy is brought back u can come to Canada and live in my house, I'll keep you safe

    18. We live in a world with naturally-occurring Snapchat filters.

    19. And with big floofy dogs who will always be happy to see you.

    20. We're surrounded by good samaritans.

    21. And reminders of how important we can be.

    22. Guys, we have Photoshop, which gives us endless and hilarious possibilities.

    23. Literally endless.

    24. Please just take a look at these dogs.

    25. And remember that the world is full of pure, beautiful things that'll make you smile.