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27 Super-Weird Things About The USA Every Australian Notices When Visiting

Selling vodka in a Target? I approve.

1. The water level in these toilets is very high.

Twitter: @MarkPygas

The splash-back factor here is dangerous.

2. And uh... the gap between the toilet stall and door is alarmingly big.


3. Do you really need a one cent coin?

Instagram: @craftycpa / Via

4. There are so many different flavours of things.


(For what it's worth, these were both DELICIOUS.)

5. And some seriously bonkers food combinations going on.


Tater tots with avocado and cheese sauce? Sure. Chocolate-dipped bacon pops? Alright.

6. Why the fuck does the bread have sugar added to it?

Every. Single. Piece of bread that I try in American is sweet. WHY DO YOU NEED SO MUCH SUGAR IN EVERYTHING AMERICA

7. This coffee is... not great.

Instagram: @ theflared / Via

8. And I have no idea how to just order a long black.

Instagram: @xianz7 / Via

FYI, I figured it out. Ask for an "americano".

9. But the iced coffee is LIT.


Not sure how they do it, but I want this shit hooked up to my veins.

10. Though there are about 400,000 more Starbucks stores than seems necessary.

Instagram: @starbucksbiggestfan / Via

11. The cars here are fuckin' HUGE.


12. And so are the drink sizes.


This was a MEDIUM.

13. And... so are the food sizes.


This is a real Kim Kardashian-level salad.

14. I can't tell all this money apart.

Instagram: @naveen_6840 / Via

15. Alcohol is CHEAPPPPPP.


I guess you guys haven't got the alcopop tax yet.

16. And you can buy it everywhere.


This was in TARGET.

17. In fact, everything is cheap.


$1.89 for Voss? In this economy???

18. How is cigarette advertising still legal?


19. Squirrels are so cute and exactly like I'd imagined.

Instagram: @babyshadowtail / Via

20. Tipping is... confusing.

Please, for the love of travel, America, just pay your staff more so we can be done with the tiring, confusing and stressful charade of constant tipping

21. Lightswitches flick the wrong way.

Instagram: @itwasbymistake / Via

22. And the outlets don't even have switches at all.

Does the power not just... leak out?

23. The houses are HUGE but all kinda look the same.

Artazum, Llc

24. I have been standing on this street corner for five whole minutes because the crosswalks make no sound.

Sbytovamn / Getty Images

25. Not having tax already added onto prices is very very irritating.

In America when you see the price by the item and you take it to the till and they add all sorts of tax 🙃🙃

26. Subway stores do NOT smell as good as they do back home.


27. And wow. These people bloody love a flag.