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    Posted on 19 Jun 2017

    24 Things All Adults Who Went To Primary School In Sydney Will Remember

    Old Sydney Town vibes.

    1. You remember back in the day when Darling Harbour had Sega World...

    Jason Lee / Creative Commons / Via

    2. ...and those fountains you could walk through.

    And that pond which you could ride paddleboats on, even though it stunk of ibises.

    3. You went on a school trip to Canberra in Year 6 to learn all about the government.

    Mark Pegrum / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ozmark17

    There were one or two kids who were into it, the rest not so much.

    4. Though all you wanted was to go to Questacon.

    Rachel Young / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rachelyoung

    Remember that stone ball outside which displayed the power of water?

    5. And this slide was the scariest but most fun thing in the whole place.

    Bentley Smith / Via Flickr: superciliousness

    6. Or maybe you went to rural NSW to learn about the Gold Rush and pan for flecks of gold.

    island home / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lawson_matthews

    I thought I was going to be so rich, until I found out that my fleck was worth about 12 cents.

    7. And if you were really lucky, you got to go to Wonderland to learn about ~science~.

    Lyndi & Jason / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: citnaj

    The Demon and the Space Probe were your first points of call.

    8. While on school holidays, you'd beg your mum to take you to Jamberoo.

    Where you control the action.

    9. You remember when Fox Studios was really cool.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    It had a REAL LIFE Kwik-E-Mart!

    10. When it got to April, you'd take the Easter Show showbag guide into school to compare which bags your mum would get you.

    I was all about the inflatable furniture bag. And the Wonka one, of course.

    11. You felt really grown up when you got your first bus pass.

    Way back before Opal was a thing.

    12. The Sydney Olympics were the most exciting thing to ever happen.

    Especially because we got special school holidays.

    13. Plus, we got a brand new pool with an awesome slide and rapids section.

    14. You tried to read every Aussie Bites book in the school library.


    15. That is, if you weren't devouring the Just series.

    Pan Macmillan
    Pan Macmillan

    16. And you probably had to also read Playing Beatie Bow for class.


    17. Complete with an excursion to The Rocks to learn about colonial Sydney.

    18. Though you knew Old Sydney Town was the only place you wanted to go to learn.

    Tourism Commission of NSW / Via

    19. You'd have to do cross country in places like Centennial Park, and it was the worst.

    Twitter: @pennanthillsps

    But if you got through to the next level, you were guaranteed a day off school.

    20. You hated the Basic Skills Test with a burning passion.

    Ceazars / Getty Images

    The most annoying point was having to spell out your name and school, filling in a bubble for each letter.

    21. If you weren't chosen for Gifted and Talented you were always slightly annoyed.

    Those kids got up to some cool-looking shit.

    22. Oh, and you definitely went to Taronga Zoo with school at least once.

    David Holt / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zongo

    Remember the old elephant enclosure?

    23. The coolest birthday parties involved a movie at Greater Union George Street followed by lunch at Planet Hollywood.

    Ah, good old Planet Hollywood. We'll miss you.

    24. And even if you didn't visit the magical-smelling Tiny Teddy factory, you've sure heard a story or two about it.

    Anthony Agius / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: aagius


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